Summer Wedding Season: Five Guest Outfit Ideas

22nd May 2016

Summer wedding season is officially upon us. Wedding invite number 110 has probably just landed in your mailbox via snail mail, right? But there’s only one conundrum running through your head (well…apart from how the food is going to be like): what to wear to wedding number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on 😱😱😱? Continue Reading…


Just Another Bomber Jacket

2nd May 2016

Bomber jackets are flying off the shelves this season and as a big supporter of a flowing and flourishing bomber jacket economy, I can’t help but invest in another one. This is my most recent purchase and I’m almost wearing it to bed – that’s how much I love it. A bomber jacket  Continue Reading…


Lace-Up Love

17th April 2016

By now you all know how much I love blouses – especially right now when a blouse isn’t just a classic blouse anymore. I shot this look with Victoria a few months ago and completely forgot to share it with you. But how could I possibly forget since it’s an outfit with yet another blouse? This time it’s a lace-up one though (couldn’t risk boring you all with another XXL-sleeved one 😛) Continue Reading…


Welcome to Stepford

10th April 2016

Fortunately not literally. It’s this Whistles gingham midi dress or ‘the tablecloth’ as my sister loves to call it which takes me straight to the fictional town of Stepford. The uber submissive behaviour of the Stepford wives is definitely a little on the creepy side but I have to give them credit for their sense of style. The hair, the jewellery, the style: always on fleek! So the question of whether to buy or not to buy this lovely tablecloth/dress Continue Reading…


If It Ain’t Broke, Repeat It

4th April 2016

As I mentioned on Instagram a few weeks ago, I’m absolutely obsessed with this blouse. Hence, I couldn’t resist to wear it yet again (and again) – true to my new motto: if it ain’t broke, repeat it. This time around I took a more casual approach and combined it with these Stella McCartney ‘Binx’ flatforms Continue Reading…


My Ten Favourite Beauty Products

27th March 2016

There’s something about Spring that makes me want to take even more care of my skin. Unfortunately, I’m not naturally blessed with a complexion as clear as crystal and I really have to ‘work’ to maintain my skin clear and healthy. Most of the time it’s my obsession love for Maltesers, M&M’s and Snickers which gets between my skin and a Beverly Hills glow, instead resulting in the occasional WTF breakout Continue Reading…


Spring Has Sprung

20th March 2016

Can I just say it again? Spring has sprung! I’ve been waiting for this day longer than Kate had to wait for William to pop the question back in 2010. Bright mornings, longer days, beautiful blooms and the promise that summer is closer than we think: spring does really treat one well. To celebrate Continue Reading…


Between-Season Dressing

13th March 2016

I’m back! The weather in London is beautiful at the moment and I’m really appreciating the fact that the sun has finally decided to come out and play for a few days. The temperature’s still quite low however which makes it hard to decide whether it’s winter or spring. Will I need a rain-/snow-/wind-/waterproof parka or will a thin jumper suffice? Continue Reading…


Da Bomb

21st February 2016

Do you know the feeling when you go into a high street store and you see something you’ve always been looking for? And then the feeling gets even better because you know that you won’t need to empty your entire bank account, right? That’s exactly how I felt when I stepped into the Mango store and saw this pink satin bomber jacket Continue Reading…


Wedding Dress Shopping

14th February 2016

As of February 23rd, I’ll only have five months to go until my wedding day! I’ve always been the kind of (insert cheesy here) person who dreams of having the fairy tale wedding – albeit the nonchalant, carefree and bohemian version. But I also have to admit that I had a short-lived phase where I was obsessed with Vera Wang gowns featuring tulle skirts bigger than planet earth (think Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress from 2011). So it’s quite surreal to me that what was once a dream will soon be reality (see, told you I was cheesy) Continue Reading…