Hello October

10th October 2016

Hi guys! I’m now back from Brazil, got a new haircut that looks exactly like it did before, am a bit more tanned and also a year older. I celebrated my birthday three weeks ago and even though it was a Monday, it didn’t feel too bad turning 26. Having a piece or two of cake, a lovely sushi dinner and most importantly a lot of love from my family and friends made it just about bearable 😛 Continue Reading…


Summer Uniform

5th September 2016

If I had to choose my summer uniform for this year it would definitely be this outfit or more precisely these shorts and sandals. I don’t need to say much about Levi’s denim shorts other than they’re cool, comfortable and super versatile. I literally live in them (especially now that I’m in Brazil) and I’m pretty sure they’d love to have a day off spent in the washing machine.

And then we also have these little babies on my feet. I’ve always dreamed about having Isabel Marant’s Jaeryn sandals but could never bring myself to actually buy them Continue Reading…


Legally Brunette

29th August 2016

Good morning from Brazil lovelies! I’m so happy to be back here: my Brazilian family, the weather, the warmth of the people and my granny’s cooking are just some of the things that are currently filling my heart (and tummy) with joy. If you aren’t already make sure you follow @dresswithyas on Instagram to accompany me on my Brazilian adventure.

Now let’s get to this outfit. I shot this look last week when the weather in London was dreamy. Just imagine real summer in the city Continue Reading…


Real vs. Steal: Miu Miu Lace-up Ballerinas

22nd August 2016

If there’s anything doing more rounds on Instagram than #SelenaendedJustinparty, it’s Miu Miu’s super famous lace-up ballerinas from their spring/summer 16 collection. No wonder they’re being super hyped at the moment – I mean who doesn’t want to look like a ballerina with attitude – basically a badass ballerina? I must admit though that I jumped on the bandwagon a tad late. Why? Continue Reading…


Meet Coco

15th August 2016

Let me take you back to April 2016. That was the time I was looking for the perfect white pumps. So many hours were devoted to this endeavour I almost felt like Simon Cowell at the X Factor castings. Pigalle? Nope – beautiful but too painful. Gianvito? Timeless but where’s the fun? Rockstud? Very cool but maybe too cool for now. And then there was Coco. Beautiful, timeless, just the right amount of cool and playful. Coco really ticks all the boxes and certainly has the X factor Continue Reading…


Instagram Recap July/August

10th August 2016

Hello again! I’m finally back to the blogosphere after disappearing for light years aka almost two months. In all honesty though it feels like it really has been ages. My excuse was pre-wedding preparations and post-wedding blues (more about that later). I’m really glad to be back and because of my irresponsible abandonment of the blog, I want to let you guys know what I’ve been up to from July 2016 up to now. And what better way to do that than through an Instagram Recap? Continue Reading…


Real vs. steal: Chloé vs. Mango & Topshop

13th June 2016

Lately, I’ve been obsessed (like OBSESSED 😍😍😍) with Chloé’s ‘Jamie’ sandals. I’ve literally been googling Jamie every single day, but with wedding bells ringing in almost six weeks, I must stay disciplined (definitely one of my weak points when it comes to shopping), on this occasion, be a good girl and avoid major purchases. But do not fret for yesterday I managed to find a way around this most difficult of issues – and nope, I didn’t give in  Continue Reading…


Summer Wedding Season: Five Guest Outfit Ideas

22nd May 2016

Summer wedding season is officially upon us. Wedding invite number 110 has probably just landed in your mailbox via snail mail, right? But there’s only one conundrum running through your head (well…apart from how the food is going to be like): what to wear to wedding number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on 😱😱😱? Continue Reading…


Just Another Bomber Jacket

2nd May 2016

Bomber jackets are flying off the shelves this season and as a big supporter of a flowing and flourishing bomber jacket economy, I can’t help but invest in another one. This is my most recent purchase and I’m almost wearing it to bed – that’s how much I love it. A bomber jacket  Continue Reading…


Lace-Up Love

17th April 2016

By now you all know how much I love blouses – especially right now when a blouse isn’t just a classic blouse anymore. I shot this look with Victoria a few months ago and completely forgot to share it with you. But how could I possibly forget since it’s an outfit with yet another blouse? This time it’s a lace-up one though (couldn’t risk boring you all with another XXL-sleeved one 😛) Continue Reading…