27 Things I’ve Learned

1. Family is everything. There’s no one in the world who loves me for exactly who I am and knows me better than my family. With each day that passes I appreciate them more and more.

2. Learn to let go. Something I’ve had to learn the hard way. You can’t force people to stay in your life. It’s sad to let go but once you do you’ll see that it was for the better.

3. A shopping spree does wonders. The bank account doesn’t like it but from time to time a little retail therapy can take you to cloud 9. Every girl will understand.

4. So does lots of chocolate. Do I need to say more?


5. Don’t ever give up on something you believe in. There were so many times I felt like giving up because I let (lots of) self-doubt rule me. But just when I was about to quit magic happened and things turned around for the better.

6. Take it easy. It’s impossible to control everything in life. Just give things your best shot and see what happens. Que sera sera.

7. Your school grades don’t determine the rest of your life. Being a good student is important. But just because you aren’t good at every school subject it doesn’t mean that life is over. Growing up in Germany I experienced lots of teachers conveying the message that if don’t do well at school, I wouldn’t do well in life. That’s simply not true. At uni I was able to study something I am really passionate about and today I find myself doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do.


8. Learn to invest. I don’t think I’m the only one who decided to get a cheaper version of a dream item to then regret it and end up buying the real deal. I’ve learned my lesson and always save to get the shoe/bag I really really want. Yes, the whole saving thing may take a bit of time but it’s like they say: good things come to those who wait.

9. Health is wealth. Cliche but so true. Our bodies do so much for us and are truly amazing. I still need to cut back on sugar but other than that I try to treat my body as best as I can.

10. You can’t please everyone so just be yourself.

11. Be grateful. Always. It’s so easy to take things for granted. Whenever I find myself doing that I take a step back and think about all the wonderful people and things right in front of me.

12. Stay curious. One thing I’ve always been since I was a child was curious. Always asking questions and wanting to know and experience what else is out there. Because of it (or at least partly) I moved to London on my own at 19 without knowing anyone in this big city, met some of my closest friends and my wonderful husband.

13. Trust few and keep your besties close. I don’t have a large group of friends but the ones that I have, have been my friends for over seven years and more. They are always there for me and I can trust them with all my heart.


14. It’s ok to make mistakes. I’ve done so many stupid things in my life – most of them because I was young and didn’t know any better. But I don’t regret any of them. I learned to be a better person because of them.

15. Your gut feeling is always right. You know that weird feeling that is super hard to explain? Just go with it. It is 100% right. Always.

16. …and so is mum. I experienced it as a child and I continue to experience it to this day. Mum is always right no matter how much I try to fight it 😂.


17. Love happens when you least expect it. True story: my husband came into my life when I never thought I’d meet my knight in shining armour.

18. See the glass half full. When things don’t go the way we want them to it’s so easy to be negative. However, there is a positive side to (almost) everything.

19. Perfection is a hopeless battle. Not so much now but especially during my teenage years I’ve tried and tried to be perfect. And it never ended well. Now I know better. Perfection simply doesn’t exist. Instead I try to be the best version of myself. (P.S.: hang-ups still happen from time to time though. That’s totally human).

20. Time heals (almost) everything. There were days where I thought I would never get over something. But time is a surprisingly good healer. Forgive and forget.


21. True friendships overcome any distance and stand the test of time. My best friend for instance lives in Germany so we don’t see each other very regularly. But whenever we do see each other it’s like we’ve never been apart.

22. It’s the simple things in life. Whenever I catch a glimpse of my husband when he’s not looking, see my sisters smile, go traveling with my dad, laugh with my mum so hard it hurts or stay up with my friends until late talking about anything and everything: that’s when I’m happiest.

23. Believe in yourself. If you don’t then who else will?


24. Age is really just a number. Do I feel 27? No way. I’m immature in a lot of ways and still have lots of growing up to do. But at the same time I’m also grateful that I didn’t lose the child in me. Life can be hard enough so it’s good to have a chilled outlook on life sometimes.

25. Digital detox is key. I’m obsessed with Instagram, Facebook and have the bad habit of finding myself glued to my phone when I don’t even need to. So from time to time I disappear from the digital sphere to experience real life to the fullest. It’s more beautiful and rewarding. Plus when I do get back to the digital world I’m way more inspired.

26. Karma is a b*tch. I’ve experienced it personally and with people around me. You reap what you sow.

27. Never force yourself into shoes that are too small just because they’re beautiful and the last pair available. I’ve done it too many times. Where do the shoes end up? Unworn in my closet. Definitely not clever.

Photos by Morgane Lay

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