5 Reasons Why Family & Friends Are Everything

Easter is finally here which means I’m off to Germany to spend it with my family and to see lots of my German friends. It also got me thinking about the actual meaning of family & close friends to me. For the first time in ages I decided to put an actual physical photo album together. Living in such a technological day & age unfortunately often means we forget how special it is to take the time to put these memories together and really preserve them. While I was perusing through photos to put in my new Print Works Family etc. and Friends & Things photo albums/coffee table books I got quite teary (happy tears) seeing all these wonderful people and memories right in front of me. But what exactly makes those people so special to me? Let me see…

1. Through Thick and Thin
No matter how hard times can get sometimes they’re always there for me. Be it through sickness or just answering the most mundane of questions I often tend to ask: “Which photo should I post on Instagram?” Their patience is seriously never ending and to me patience is often a way of showing love.

2. The Real Me
I’m not always on my best behaviour or the easiest. Neither do I wake up looking like Beyoncé and often I’m just my weird goofy self. And they accept and love (at least I hope so haha) me just the way I am. With imperfections and all.

3. The Three Fs
Family, (close) Friends and Fun have their first letter in common. Why? Because it’s with them I have the most fun. I’ve spent countless hours literally laughing on the floor because of them and they put endless smiles on my face.

4. Honesty is the Best Policy
They’re the ones I truly trust. Am I not being the best version of me? Is my behaviour crossing the line? They will always tell me how it is. Why? Because they want me to be the best person I can possibly be. Plus they would never sweet talk an outfit when in reality it isn’t doing me any favours.

5. Sacrifice Often Equals Love
This fifth and most special reason is for my family. It’s the most personal of them all. My mum, dad and Brazilian side of my family sacrificed so much for me and I’ll forever be thankful for that. My parents had me when they were super young and initially I had a super humble upbringing in Brazil as we didn’t have much. My family would often refrain from a lot of things just to give me a better life/future: from paying for private primary school to little things like being able to afford a doll for my birthday or my preferred choice of biscuits just because they were pink haha. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to show them how grateful I am for giving me so much unconditional love.

Pink photo album
Grey photo album
Pencil case with stars

Photos by Morgane Lay
Editing by me

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