Hi, I’m Yasmin or just Yas really. Dress with Yas started in June 2015 just as I’d finished my MA in English Literature. I was interning at fashion magazines and got inspired to have something of my own. Here are a few fun (at least I’d link to think so 😉) facts about me:

– I’m half German and half Brazilian
– My family and I lived in Brazil until I was eight and then moved to Germany
– London has been my home since 2010 when I started university
– I speak 4.5 languages: German, Portuguese, English, Spanish and French (not great French, hence the 0.5)
– Talking (too much) is one of my talents
– I’m obsessed with Mexican telenovelas
– 26 is my age although I still feel like 12 (at times 😉)

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