D.J. Tanner Wants It That Way

This outfit was born through nostalgia. Let me rewind so you don’t think I’m going to give a philosophy lecture (not that I would be able to anyway – my former philosophy teacher in high school would vouch for that I reckon). I don’t know what it is but I’m obsessed with all things past. By past here I mean old music, old films, old tv series and old clothes from the 60s, 70s, 90s and noughties. If your melophobia derives from cheesy pop tunes from the 90s and 2000s, please don’t continue reading unless you’re willing to use your superpower of being objective. My love for Britney Spears’ first album is probably greater than the feelings Instagram has for avocado photos or anything that includes #avocado. So is my affinity for the all white looks in ‘I Want It That Way’ (major tune btw!) and basically anything involving Full House.

Anyway, from time to time my case of nostalgia forces me to watch and listen to ‘I Want It That Way’ more than I can count (the belief that I probably account for five of the 145 million views on Youtube haunts me) and to binge-watch Full House until my eyes start to resemble Spongebob’s physique. Such awfully productive days led me to this outfit – an ode to The Backstreet Boys and Full House, lovingly titled ‘When D.J. Tanner visited the “I Want It That Way” music video set’.


IMG_9526-2 copy

IMG_9642 copy

Coat: Dolce&Gabbana (similar here)
Dungaree: H&M
Top: Mango (similar here)
Bag: Céline
Sandals: Zara (similar here)

Photos: Matt McCormick

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