Hello October

Hi guys! I’m now back from Brazil, got a new haircut that looks exactly like it did before, am a bit more tanned and also a year older. I celebrated my birthday three weeks ago and even though it was a Monday, it didn’t feel too bad turning 26. Having a piece or two of cake, a lovely sushi dinner and most importantly a lot of love from my family and friends made it just about bearable 😛.

Here’s my first October look of this year. It doesn’t look as autumnal as it should perhaps but it’s because we’ve had a very warm (and windy hence the messy hair) start to Autumn here in London. I was quite happy about it as each year I really struggle to accept that summer isn’t meant to last forever. The solution was to mix Summer and Autumn in one look, so here we are.





Jumper: Mango
Skirt: Zara
Earrings: Dior
Bag: Valentino (similar colour here)
Flats: Valentino

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