Modern Heidi

From time to time (if you’re lucky – like really lucky) one has the privilege to experience British summertime. When one of those extremely rare British summertime days arrives you are obliged to use and abuse it like there’s no tomorrow. And that’s what I did. This summer dress which up until now had been imprisoned in my closet for the last three to four months could finally embrace the light of day again. As for me, I could also see the light again (maybe not so much me to be honest, more my legs).

The hot (okay hot here is relative hence the cardigan) weather not only granted my dress a day’s leave from prison and my pasty legs the opportunity to reflect the sunlight – no – it also brought my inner Heidi out i.e. increased vitamin D levels = full on Heidi mode. However, since I’m not in the Swiss Alps surrounded by the cleanest and freshest of airs but in beautiful, smog-filled London, I decided to modernise my Heidi-inspired look a bit. The studs on the hat, gladiator sandals and 100 kilos of jewellery elevated the outfit to Heidi: the city edition.




Cardigan: Vila (similar here)
Dress: Zara (similar here)
Bag: CĂ©line
Hat: The Kooples (similar here)
Necklace: Mango (similar here)
Bracelets: vintage, old
Sandals: Arezzo (similar here)

Photos: Matt McCormick

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