My Five 2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year! 2016 is finally here and now it’s time to write page 1 of 366 for the new year – okay, more like page 3. This is actually the first time I’m sharing my resolutions; usually I keep them in my head just for me. But it’s time to get out of my comfort zone and this list will be especially useful for when I inevitably lose track of my goals. So let’s do this!

1. Adieu Sweet Tooth of Mine

Since it’s my first time collating a resolutions list, let’s take it slow and start off on the lighthearted side. I believe I have the biggest sweet tooth on this planet. I’m every dentist’s best patient – not because my teeth are the Kate Moss of teeth but because they require a lot of attention. So to decrease my visits to the dentist, I’ve decided to cut on sweets entirely. Who knows? I’m not only going to save some moolah by avoiding the dentist but also get clearer skin and have more energy. Conclusion so far: Already having withdrawal symptoms.

2. Less Is More

Having got through my teenage years (and experimenting with some pretty funny hair colours and styles along the way) means that I now know who I am. There’s still space to grow but the base is there. One thing that I mean by ‘there’s still space to grow’ is that sometimes I still catch myself trying to wear something that isn’t completely the real me. It’s very tempting to want to wear something just because it looks amazing on someone else. But it’s even worse having to recognise that just for a moment you gave up the real you in an attempt to look extra cool. The goal here is to get rid of those last remaining (and super annoying) ‘wow, it looks so good on her – I have to wear that too’ moments.

3. Back to Reading

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing. Hence, the decision to study journalism and later do a master’s in English Literature. As much as I loved both of my degrees and appreciate all the challenges that came with them, they took one thing away from me: my love for reading (it’s getting pretty deep now. From my teeth to how university took my greatest love away from me in just a few sentences :P). At university I had to read stuff and over the years reading started to become more like a duty or a chore. We all know these situations – as soon as something starts to become an obligation the appeal is lost. Now that I graduated I started to re-connect with my old flame (reading that is) and it feels better than ever. Here’s to more reading in 2016.

4. Just Believe

I often wonder why it’s so much easier to let self-doubt rule you instead of self-belief. This year it’s time to stop wondering and let only my self-belief set the tone.

5. Internet Declutter

I do love how the Internet and social media enables the world to connect and have a voice. It’s something many of us couldn’t haven’t imagined fifteen years ago. But I often catch myself socialising with my real friends through a 4-inch-screen rather than at a bar over some drinks. It’s time to get more personal and ditch the screen for important moments like that.

Now what are your 2016 resolutions? Feel free to comment below what you want to change and/or achieve. I’m wishing you guys only the best for the new year and may it be filled with lots of blessings.

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