My Favourite Fashion Pieces of 2015

2015 has seen it all. From a huge kerfuffle about a dress’ colour to a renewed and purposeful Justin Bieber, and Adele’s big hello from the other side – quite a rollercoaster, huh? It’s always nice looking back on a year – especially one as exciting as 2015. Hence, I decided to write about my five favourite fashion finds of 2015. Below are my most treasured pieces plus why they made the cut. What are your favourite fashion pieces of 2015? And which trends will you continue to wear in 2016?

1. Aquazzura 'Sexy Thing' Sandals

If there’s one footwear brand which dominated 2015, it’s certainly Aquazzura. Literally everyone went mad for Edgardo Osorio’s shoes. OP has probably every shoe in every colour which perhaps is an understatement. Aquazzura’s ‘Sexy Thing’ sandals are definitely one of my favourite fashion items of 2015. I came, I tried (them on), I shopped (and I can’t stop loving them). Why? They’re the most comfortable heels out there. Just for that they deserve the Miss Shoeniverse 2015 title.

aquazzura-sexy-thing-7-copyAvailable here

2. Reformation Dress(es)

I’m naturally a very nostalgic person and if there’s one era I’d love live in it would be the ’60s or ’70s. As I wasn’t able to find a time machine something else had to do. Around April 2015 I came across Reformation. Lo and behold: there was my time machine replacement. The label does flattering flowy, vintage dresses like no other. I purchased three of their dresses this year and every single one of them awaken my inner Brigitte Bardot and Stevie Nicks. My love for the brand runs so deep that my bridesmaids will be sporting Reformation for my wedding next year.

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Available here and here (on sale!)

3. Céline Micro Luggage Bag

Do you know the feeling when you see something and then you can’t eat or sleep because all you do is think about it? This is pretty much how I felt when I first set my eyes on the Céline micro luggage bag. Off I went to the Céline boutique just to have a second look. Well, just looking wasn’t enough and I left the shop with this small but mighty piece.

celine-nano-luggage-bag-maje-fanny-glitter-sneakers-t-by-alexander-wang-t-shirt-6Available here

4. Miu Miu Metal Cap Slip-On Sneakers

To be honest 2015 wasn’t just Justin Bieber’s year. He has to share his throne with a bunch of sneakers. My favourite pair is this slip-on version by Miu Miu. The metal cap makes every dull outfit so much more interesting and polished.

celine-trio-miumiu-sneakers-metal-cap-5Available here, here (on sale) and here (on sale)

5. Ethnic Print Coat

Don’t you love when you make a hot fashion find during a vacation? It becomes instantly treasured and appreciated because of its association with good times and its inaccessibility to other people in your hometown. This ethnic print coat was a lucky find from a trip to Lisbon in May. It reminds me of a wonderful few days filled with excitement, beauty and laughter.

valentino-the-rockstud-small-trazpeze-bag-nude-aldo-olalesen-sandals-ali-jo-ethno-print-coat-zara-short-sleeve-blouseCoat by Ali-Jo (similar winter version here)

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