Real vs. Steal: Louis Vuitton & Dolce&Gabbana vs. Mango & Stylekeepers

Real vs. Steal is one of my favourite topics on the blog and a new edition has been long overdue. This time, I’ve found Louis Vuitton’s perfect Petite Malle dupe from Mango. They’re ridiculously similar but the price couldn’t be more different. Louis Vuitton’s Petite Malle comes in at a stellar £3500 while Mango are way kinder to any bank account with their £60 price tag. When I thought it couldn’t get any better I stumbled across this cute dress by Stylekeepers and this print was super familiar to me. To you too? It’s basically the same print as Dolce&Gabbana’s Mambo print minus the big fat price tag.

I’m currently obsessed with anything Caroline Constas and you should’ve seen my face when I found the exact copy of Caroline Constas’ Apollonia off-the-shoulder-dress. The smocked design, the white and blue striped pattern, and ruffled sleeves are everywhere on Stylekeepers’ Sunshine beach dress. To finish off this savings feast, there’s also this Monse-inspired wrap dress from Storets. They aren’t as similar as Constas and Stylekeepers but Storets definitely managed to get a lot of Monse vibes in their Mira dress. Which dupe is your favourite?

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