The Best Logo T-Shirts You Need Right Now

Hello! Finally a post from me after a few months absence. This time, however, I don’t really have a valid excuse why I abandoned the blog for such a long time. Let me be honest with you: winter has never been one on my favourite seasons. Could be because of my Latin DNA – I love everything associated with summer: heat, sun, water, long days, open windows, open doors, being outside and all these things have one thing in common: pure bliss. Winter obviously doesn’t come with any of those attributes – not that I associate winter with sadness but I have to say that I suffer from winter blues. It’s much harder for me to feel motivated or find inspiration. In short the cold doesn’t sit well with me and maybe some of you know this feeling too? With March now here, I’m slowly starting to get my energy back and feel like myself again. You know that feeling when you just want to achieve your goals and believing that you can do this thanks to this sudden spur of motivation and strength (that you had lost sight of) suddenly coming back? It’s one of the best feelings ever and I really hope I won’t lose track of it again. It’s simply too precious.



Now let’s get to this outfit i.e. this super cool Saint Laurent logo t-shirt. Logo t-shirts are taking over the world right now for good reason. It’s a basic yet totally necessary item in everyone’s closet. Each one of us no doubt has at least three in the closet. But now let’s add a super cool logo to the t-shirt and suddenly it’s not just a t-shirt anymore. It becomes a statement which has the power to make any outfit – no matter how casual or chic.

This logo t-shirt is my second one and yes I almost cried when I clicked ‘confirm order’ thanks to the ridiculous price tag it comes with. Now that I have it though, I can honestly say it was worth it. I wear it all the time and it’s part of my everyday uniform. With that said, let me be a bad influence and show you some other super cool logo t-shirts below. The Versace tee is a firm favourite of mine and maybe even next on my wishlist…and I can’t stop banging on about the Fila one either. The nostalgia that comes with it is just too good.




Photos by Morgane Lay
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