Welcome to Princetown

Literally welcome to Princetown – as in the Gucci Princetown slippers. Their peak was last year when every blogger was sporting them left, right and centre. As you know I’m a bit late to the game but it’s like they say: “Better late than never.” Because let me tell you, I’m so glad I got these Princetown slippers with their romantic New Flora print. They’re literally the comfiest shoes I own. It’s like I’m walking on clouds plus they’re super versatile. Skirts? Dresses? Jeans? Tailored trousers? Shorts? Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely everything works with them. For their first outing I decided to keep it very floral. This cute mini dress goes perfectly with the slippers and makes the look more playful and super girly. What do you think about the Princetown slippers? Love them or hate them?

gucci-princetown-new-flora-pink-slippers-missguided-off-shoulder-floral-print-mini-dress-mango-straw-bag-6 gucci-princetown-new-flora-pink-slippers-missguided-off-shoulder-floral-print-mini-dress-mango-straw-bag-10 gucci-princetown-new-flora-pink-slippers-missguided-off-shoulder-floral-print-mini-dress-mango-straw-bag-5 gucci-princetown-new-flora-pink-slippers-missguided-off-shoulder-floral-print-mini-dress-mango-straw-bag-9 gucci-princetown-new-flora-pink-slippers-missguided-off-shoulder-floral-print-mini-dress-mango-straw-bag-2

gucci-princetown-new-flora-pink-slippers-missguided-off-shoulder-floral-print-mini-dress-mango-straw-bag-8 Photos by Morgane Lay

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